Auto Soldering Switch Circuit Diagram

Auto Soldering Switch Circuit Diagram

Auto Soldering Switch Circuit

We all know that forgetting to turn off the soldering iron and leaving it for a long time on the hobby table can produce undesirable results to say the least. 

In order to avoid such situations and to keep the electric bill low, connect your soldering iron to this circuit which automatically turns off the power line of the soldering iron when you left it in its stand for more then 30 seconds (time allowance is adjustable through P2).

During normal soldering jobs, you must move the soldering iron every now and then to reset the timer and guarantee continued heating. 

This principle is similar to the deadman's switch in trains and other SPS controlled machines. The heart of the circuit is the counter IC. 

Its reset terminal is controlled by switch S1 which is installed in the soldering stand in such a way that it resets the counter once the soldering iron is placed in the stand. 

To switch on the soldering iron one must press S1 thereby closing the relay and starting the counter.

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