Single IC 2.5W Amplifier Circuit Diagram

Single IC 2.5W Amplifier Circuit Diagram

Single IC 2.5W Amplifier

There are many cases where you desperately need a simple to build and inexpensive amplifier that delivers moderate power. 

Here it is. This compact amplifier delivers just enough power output so that you can hear the audio signal coming from any device. It delivers up to 2.5 watts audio output.

Formula for P

where Vb= actual supply voltage and RI= actual speaker impedance.

The heart of the amplifier is a single compact IC which makes the circuit simple to build and eventually troubleshoot. 

The IC used in this circuit is a TCA160 which integrates a full-amplifier circuit including preamp and driver stages. 

The supply voltage range is flexible from 6V up to a maximum of 14V. The IC is normally heatsinked to avoid being damaged from overheating. 

The actual power output of the IC depends on both the supply voltage and the speaker's impedance. It can be found using the formula shown in the preceding page.

Printed Circuit Layout Single IC 2.5W Amplifier


Parts Placement Layout Single IC 2.5W Amplifier


External Wiring Layout Single IC 2.5W Amplifier


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