Headlamp Dimmer Circuit Diagram

Headlamp Dimmer Circuit Diagram

Headlamp Dimmer

Every driver knows that a high intensity light striking one's eyes can have dangerous consequencies.

Cars have a dimmer switch to lower the light intensity but unfortunately, some auto headlamps are just too bright even if they are dimmed.

The dimmer circuit featured here offers a better solution. When the circuit is activated, it is connected in series to the headlamps through the dimmer switch S1.

The brightness of the lamps is then pulled down to a preset level which is determined by the dimmer circuit.

The dim level can be preset through the potentiometer P1.

The electronic headlamp dimmer offers a more flexible control of the headlamps´ brightness and more safety.

Printed Headlamp Dimmer Circuit


Parts Placement Layout Headlamp Dimmer Circuit

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