Adjustable Zener Diode Circuit Diagram

Adjustable Zener Diode Circuit Diagram

Adjustable Zener Diode 

The figure above shows the hybrid zener diode in the most classical application of a zener diode - as a voltage regulator. 

The series resistor in the circuit is very important - it dissipates the excessive voltage so that the output voltage remains at a constant level. 

You have to use the standard procedure in determining the value of the series resistor for a zener diode voltage regulator circuit.

This circuit functions as a zener diode and has the advantage of having a variable zener voltage. It is sometimes called hybrid zener diode. 

It is more versatile and more adaptive than fixed value zener diodes. The total resistance of this circuit is 20 up to 50 ohms and its maximum dissipation is negligible. 

The zener voltage is variable from 3V up to 25V with the potentiometer P1.

Make sure that the maximum current through the circuit does not exceed 100 mA !

Printed Circuit Adjustable Zener Diode


Parts Placement Layout Adjustable Zener Diode

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